About Cajon Drums

Originating in Africa, the Cajon Drum is a versatile percussion instrument shaped like a box that has found its way into various walks and styles of music throughout the years. The design of any Cajon is simple and effective; it is large enough for the player to sit on the instrument, and usually is faced on five of the six sides by pieces of wood no thicker than an inch. The sixth side of the Cajon Drum is faced with a thin piece of wood that allows the player to slap a rich sound out of the box. Cajons are amplified through the use of the tapa, a hole cut in the back which allows the sound to pass through the instrument. Modifications to this basic model allow players of the Cajon Drum to adapt their art to accompany most any genre of music. 
cajon drums by schlagwerk
 The Cajon Drum does take on those modifications in various ways, and one of them lies in the way the tapa is handled and constructed. The traditional version allows the sound to pass through the tapa in its purest form, but beyond that, you've got the Snare Cajon, which utilizes springs to give the Cajon a distinct snare noise when it is struck. Variations on this Snare Cajon concept include other sound-altering instruments such as bells, and even strings that you might see used on a guitar. Beyond the concept of the Snare Cajon, you have different hybrid Cajons which can combine the features of other drums such as a typical Conga drum. 

 The differences in the Cajon drums out there on the market today are often created based on their purpose in each specific style of music. A basic Cajon drum that does not utilize any specific enhancements is often used in Peruano music, which is popular in traditional Peruvian and Cuban culture. This allows the drum to properly compliment the instruments and songs for which it provides a backbone. The type of Cajon mentioned before involving the use of nylon guitar strings stretched over the tapa is typical of more contemporary music, and works great in acoustic sets. 

 On the whole, the Cajon Drum is a tremendous musical instrument that can be utilized and enjoyed by a seasoned percussionist and beginners alike. The ability to sit on the drum really allows you to feel the vibrations that you are creating, thus instilling a solid beat inside of you. It is this sort of instrument that truly allows the percussionist to attach their full body to the art instead of just a set of hands or a set of feet. Anyone wanting to learn more about the amazing way in which the Cajon Drum can be used needs look no further than Cajons.com! It truly contributes to an all-encompassing musical experience.
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